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DJ Bakery started with the sole purpose of creating breads for everyone with choicest natural and premium ingredients and at accessible locations with affordable prices. Established in 2002, it started with the owners’ pure love for breads at a small store located in Yishun with the idea of producing freshly baked breads handmade daily from scratch ensuring customers getting their warm baked goods throughout certain intervals. Over the years, DJ Bakery has transformed and broadened our operations all over Singapore.


With our manufacturing factory, 18 branches island wide and counting is a strong testament to the success of the recipe literally in creating bread and an assortment of cakes and pastries widely accepted from the young to the old.


DJ Bakery still runs its values on a basic tenet of the following;


  • Quality

  • Freshness

  • Accessibility 

  • Healthy

  • Delicious


Today, DJ Bakery has a strong presence and is well-loved in the vibrant and bustling food scene in Singapore. With DJ Bakery’s HACCP accredited and ISO manufacturing facilities, we provide staple freshness to our stores daily.


Baked to be savored. Made to be shared.

DJ Bakery is a modern communal oven bakery producing honest, nutritious breads, cakes and pastries. It is our mission to continue a tradition of quality, creativity and sustaining generations with food and cheer.


We produce breads, cakes and pastries 360 days of the year. Our bakers begin the day early with the freshest doughs to be handmade and baked fresh daily on site so that our customers across the city can catch a whiff of our baked goods throughout the day.


We believe in creating products with no added preservatives or artificial fillers hence we are constantly creating heartfelt sensations to satisfy the evolving needs of consumers.

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