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Q: How do you ensure product quality?

A: First and foremost, we ensure that the goods we provide are of satisfactory quality. At DJ Bakery, the safety, quality and hygiene of all our products is foremost our top priority. Having attained ISO22000/HACCP and maintaining it over the years, our products are through strict quality control procedures.

During delivery, our products are handled with care by a team of dedicated drivers in temperature controlled vehicles straight to our outlets or customers.

We want to ensure the products you received each time are as what we have intended it to be.


Q: Why do your product prices differ in different outlets?

A: The industry prices products based on ingredients as well as operational costs. Due to the differences in rental and other operational factors, our product pricing varies accordingly.

Q: How long can I keep the breads and cakes for?

A: For the best quality, we recommend for our consumers to consume:

  • our freshly baked buns and breads within 2 days, including the day of purchase

  • our cakes within 3 days, including the day of purchase

  • our packaged products such as our bread loaves and tea cakes within 3 days, including the day of purchase

  • Or any other products by the date as indicated on the ‘Best Before’ label

Q: Which items are suitable for Vegans?

A: Most of our products contain egg, milk and butter, as part of the baking process. Therefore, do check in-stores with our bakers who will be better able to assist you.


Q: Why are some products not available at consistent timings?

A: All of our products are baked freshly daily and are not made to order. Hence, on a day-to-day basis, the production schedule for each day and outlet varies accordingly to operational conditions. However, DJ Bakery remain committed to our product quality and our bakers work hard to ensure sufficient quantity is available at our outlets.

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